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Sukenaga Yamamoto

Sukenaga Yamamoto Tamahagane Large Santoku 180mm

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  • The photo shown is an older model. The actual product may look slightly different.
  • Your order is the 1st time we order knives from Mr. Yamamoto. For this reason, the price is reduced as much as possible. We will also take pictures of the knives you receive for posting on our website.


Knife Shape: Santoku (Bunka)

Steel Type: Tamahagane

Blade Length: 180mm (7.08in)

Blade Width: 50mm (1.96in)

Blade Shape: Double edged

Finish 1: Buff Finish by Yamamoto-san

Finish 2: Mirror Finish by a sharpener

Handle 1: Magnolia/Buffalo Horn Collar (Octagonal)

Handle 2: Poplar/ Plastic Collar


This is built-to-order product. It takes about 10-40 days from order to delivery.


Frozen or hard products can chip the blade.

Don't wash in the dishwasher.

Use a whetstone to keep your knife from dulling. 


Orders are processed within 24 hours. Since this is a built-to-order product, orders are shipped within 10 - 40 days. Visit the checkout page or FAQ page to see countries available for delivery. If Japan Post EMS to other counties is available, we may ship be able to ship there. Duties and taxes are the buyer's responsibility.