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Asano Blacksmith

Asano Fusataro White Steel #1 Kurouchi Santoku 200mm (7.87in)

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A general-purpose knife that is commonly used in Japan.


Smith: Asano Fusataro

Knife Shape: Santoku (三徳)

Steel Type: White Steel #1 (Shirogami) with stainless steel

Blade Length: 200mm (7.87in)

Blade Shape: Double edged

Handle Length: 13.5cm (5.31in)

Handle: Wa (Japanese) handle, cherry wood

Weight: 150g

Engraved Mark: Asano Kajiya logo

About Asano Kajiya

See our Asano Kajiya collection page to see what Asano Kajiya is.  


Frozen or hard products can chip the blade.

Don't wash in the dishwasher.

Use a whetstone to keep your knife from dulling. 


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